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website building

website building on a Saturday morning

Website building on a Saturday morning.

So it’s now coming up to 11am and it’s already been a very productive start to my weekend with lots of website building. After waking up around 4am for no known reason at all, lying in bed for 10 minutes wondering what the hell I’m doing awake at that time on a Saturday, and then finally wandering glassy eyed into the living room around 4:15, I’ve been busy doing website building stuff!

I’ve spoken to 3 clients already this morning – I did start messaging them around 5am but the lazy bastards didn’t start getting back to me until well gone 7am! I’ve finished off the branding for a new job that came in middle of last week, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to another clients website which is due for completion by next Friday and I’ve spent a little time and effort on the new look Team Marvel – Marvel Design website building.

The underlying problem for me this morning has been the state of my beard! It’s beginning to look a little ‘homeless guy’ so I keep getting told, but this is not what bothers me. I’m more concerned that the length of it is now curling under and tickling my neckline which whilst sitting here this morning I have realised is not ideal. I’ve managed to scratch and rub my neck so much that it is now an angry red patch of quite sore skin.

So….my next design dilemma is do I shave the whole thing off, try and fashion it into something which is not annoying my neck, or ride it out like a man. I’ve googled this problem but getting nowhere fast through the sea of hippy-trend beards and shady bearded women. Think I’ll spend the rest of the day pondering over this one beard / website design issue.

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