Getting Quality Likes on Your Facebook Page

Quality Facebook Likes for Your Page

If you’re looking to start a business page on Facebook or have a page with little to no likes or fans, you’ll know how difficult it is to get the ball rolling and grow your audience. It’s a vicious circle as a lot of people won’t like or share a page until it is seen to already have a decent following. Facebook users have gotten used to seeing pages with thousand of likes and so see anyone with less than this as either a new account or as someone who IS NOT an expert in what they do.

There are many people out there offering to add 100’s and 1,000’s of likes to your page for peanuts. One of the prime places you can find these is on Fiverr.

I can go on Fiverr and get hundreds for $5 though

It is tempting to pay just $5 for the promise of 200, 300 or even 500 likes that they guarantee overnight but it can be very damaging to your account and in some cases, even cause your account to be blocked or deleted by Facebook.

If you’re looking at gaining likes or fans on a new page that you have it’s important to do it the right way. We’ve looked into how these things work and understand the dangers involved. Through our research we came across a company called Boostlikes.

Boostlikes is a company who provide high quality likes. They also provide help in gaining followers on most of the big social media sites. They have been in business for over 5 years now and offer a full support service too.

Have a look at our quick pointers here comparing the competition to Boostlikes:

The competition – on Fiverr and other similar sites

Robot or ‘bot’ accounts, so your likes/fans are created by software and not real accounts
Usually these type of likes/fans last only 1-2 months at most
They appear overnight because they are automated bots – they can then disappear as quickly
NO actual profile completed on Facebook OR they use stolen photos and dummy accounts
Based overseas and once they’ve taken your money there’s no support or help
Your account can get banned due to the way these likes/fans appear on your page
Usually fly by night operators – you’ll struggle to find a Fiverr seller of Facebook likes with more than a handful of feedback reviews per Gig


Quality likes/fans
likes/fans that stay with your for life
likes/fans from REAL world profiles (not bots or fake accounts)
Profiles that have complete Facebook accounts with photos
Boost likes are based in the USA and have a great support system
The industry leader and been established for over 5 years now

If you need any further help or advice on any aspect of your social media please get in touch, we’d love to help you out.

Can I Edit My Website From My Phone

It seems I can!!! Job done, end of post. Well not quite.

While I can add a post to my ‘news’ page or blog, and I can edit simple text and even add images. Things start to get a little tricky if I try to make a new page or edit any of the more advanced options.

To give a little background, I’m working on a clients site, using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, on a customized Wordpress install. While all of the WordPress elements display fine and are really easy to use (which is around 90% of the core site). The Divi parts are not playing ball at the moment. All the key elements of Divi seem to show at the wrong sizes, and go way off the edges of my iPhone screen, meaning it’s nigh on impossible to edit anything. I can’t reach the buttons to ‘OK’ or change things, I can’t see half the text or elements. It’s basically a no go at the minute.

It’s only 5:15am on a cold and damp Wednesday morning though so maybe I’ll spend my next hour lay in bed, trying to figure shit out! After all this post and accompanying image has all been done off my iPhone so in theory it’s gotta be doable?!? Wish me luck…

UPDATE: 2 days later and I think this is sorted 🙂 seems to be working fine now. After changing a few plugins and doing a little research I seem to of cracked it and all is good in the world again. So in answer to the “can I edit my website from my phone” question, it seems that now I really can do 🙂

Check out the stats on mobile website usage here

Donkey Happiness Scale

donkey happiness
donkey happiness scale

Donkey Happiness Scale

In todays Marvel Design News – Donkey Happiness Scale, or THEE Donkey Happiness Scale to give it its correct name. You may never of heard of it before, in fact I’m pretty sure you haven’t. As I’ve only just discovered the whole concept and this is the first time it’s ever been put ‘out there’ into the big wide world- you are the first to know 🙂

So, the scale of the Donkey Happiness runs, as you might expect, from zero through to 27. Zero being not happy in the slightest, right up to 27, where the donkey (or person) in question, would be so happy they would just about to be able to stay this side of conscious.

If you look at the image on the right, the donkey, it would be safe to say, is hovering at around a 22-23 on the Donkey Happiness Scale. If you look at his highly turned up mouth, his stood up ears and that glint in his eye – you could safely assume this rating. Let’s go with a 22 for the sake of argument.

To bring the level up by a couple of notches we could give him his favourite food (if he’s not already had it), tickle his chin (making sure to watch his sharp teeth) or talk to him in that funny childish voice which we talk to animals in. Any of these or a combination of them could increase the level to around a 25-26 I’d estimate.

In summary, the scale is not a real thing and has been completely made up for the purpose of filling in a post space on our new website. Although we have put on our main page, a Donkey, and a scale which is currently sitting at round 80% you’ll be please to know. If you do want anymore donkey related information please check the link below.

Check out what Wikipedia has to say about the humble Donkey here

Website Building With a Beard on a Saturday Morning

website building
website building on a Saturday morning

Website building on a Saturday morning.

So it’s now coming up to 11am and it’s already been a very productive start to my weekend with lots of website building. After waking up around 4am for no known reason at all, lying in bed for 10 minutes wondering what the hell I’m doing awake at that time on a Saturday, and then finally wandering glassy eyed into the living room around 4:15, I’ve been busy doing website building stuff!

I’ve spoken to 3 clients already this morning – I did start messaging them around 5am but the lazy bastards didn’t start getting back to me until well gone 7am! I’ve finished off the branding for a new job that came in middle of last week, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to another clients website which is due for completion by next Friday and I’ve spent a little time and effort on the new look Team Marvel – Marvel Design website building.

The underlying problem for me this morning has been the state of my beard! It’s beginning to look a little ‘homeless guy’ so I keep getting told, but this is not what bothers me. I’m more concerned that the length of it is now curling under and tickling my neckline which whilst sitting here this morning I have realised is not ideal. I’ve managed to scratch and rub my neck so much that it is now an angry red patch of quite sore skin.

So….my next design dilemma is do I shave the whole thing off, try and fashion it into something which is not annoying my neck, or ride it out like a man. I’ve googled this problem but getting nowhere fast through the sea of hippy-trend beards and shady bearded women. Think I’ll spend the rest of the day pondering over this one beard / website design issue.

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