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If you’re looking for a branding agency, look no further. Branding is one of the key aspects of your business and the first thing many potential and existing customers see as your identity. It can define who you are, what you’re about and gives an idea of what you do in a snap shot. For any business large or small, effective and eye catching branding can really set you apart from the rest of your competitors and give you that all important edge.

What does ‘branding’ mean though and what can it do for me?

In simple terms your branding is the look and feel of your company. It starts with your logo but carries through to every area of your promotional material and anything and everything that represents you and your business. From business cards and letterheads through to your website, staff uniforms and vehicle livery. Your branding is what ties everything together, gives a professional image and really communicates your company to the world.

Branding Strategy

How, what, where, when and to who are you trying to get to buy into your business? Your branding needs to be consistent and part of an overall strategy. A strong brand can really make or break a business. What is the difference between Pedigree Chum dog food and a stores own brand dog food. Unless you’ve taste tested it yourself, you are pretty much relying on the branding.

Another example is the clothes we wear and to an even bigger degree, the clothes that teenagers choose to wear. It’s solely down to brand – not comfort or warmth or colour the majority of the time. Just brand!

Define your brand

To define your brand can be a difficult task. You need to try and take an un-biased view of what you do, what you are offering, what differentiates you from others. It also needs to try and portray your companies key values and what you stand for.

We’ve developed a number of successful brands and can help with key questions such as – What’s your companies main mission? What are the key features and benefits for the customer or end user? What do existing customers think of your business or services? And many, many more.

It takes research. Looking into your competitors in the same and similar markets. Doing some market research with current and potential customers. Gaining insight from established brands and seeing how you can introduce similar practices to your business. We have the know-how and experience as one of the North East leading branding agency, to either help with this or take it on as our own.


We can also design all your print and stationary. From business cards and letterheads to leaflets and even full colour brochures. We make sure everything is tied together with the same style and look throughout to make sure your company message is consistent all the time.

We even have great deals with a local print shop and can usually get you the best deals on any physical print you do need done!

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