Can I Edit My Website From My Phone

It seems I can!!! Job done, end of post. Well not quite.

While I can add a post to my ‘news’ page or blog, and I can edit simple text and even add images. Things start to get a little tricky if I try to make a new page or edit any of the more advanced options.

To give a little background, I’m working on a clients site, using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, on a customized Wordpress install. While all of the WordPress elements display fine and are really easy to use (which is around 90% of the core site). The Divi parts are not playing ball at the moment. All the key elements of Divi seem to show at the wrong sizes, and go way off the edges of my iPhone screen, meaning it’s nigh on impossible to edit anything. I can’t reach the buttons to ‘OK’ or change things, I can’t see half the text or elements. It’s basically a no go at the minute.

It’s only 5:15am on a cold and damp Wednesday morning though so maybe I’ll spend my next hour lay in bed, trying to figure shit out! After all this post and accompanying image has all been done off my iPhone so in theory it’s gotta be doable?!? Wish me luck…

UPDATE: 2 days later and I think this is sorted 🙂 seems to be working fine now. After changing a few plugins and doing a little research I seem to of cracked it and all is good in the world again. So in answer to the “can I edit my website from my phone” question, it seems that now I really can do 🙂

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