Adding a page

Now if you’re wanting a pretty plain and standard looking page OR you’re just starting out then stick with me and go through this BUT it is going to look pretty plain and probably not much like the rest of your website. It’s still incredibly useful to go through it if you’re a first timer as it will show you the basics. If you’re wanting to jump straight in and start ‘designing’ more or to duplicate an existing page please look at the menu on this page and go to the relevant page for what you need. If you’re still with me then let’s get stuck in. 

In this section I’ll show you how to add a brand new page to your website.

First you need to hover over ‘Pages’ and then click on ‘Add New’:

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You’ll now see the image below which has some similarities to ‘Word’ in that you can add text and then format it. If you would rather duplicate an existing page instead of starting from scratch, then it can be easier. You can duplicate a page which is already setup the way you want and then you can simply edit it to make the new page. As I mentioned at the beginning, check out the ‘Duplicate a Page’ link in the menu on this page if that’s what you’re wanting to do.

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First thing to do is add a title. In the box at the very top, just below where it says ‘Add a new page’ type in the title for your new page. It could be ‘help’ or ‘ recipes’ or it could be longer like ‘portfolio page for case study xyz’ – your choice, you can easily edit this, the same as you can edit anything on the backend of the site pretty much, at a later date if needed.

The ‘page layout’ section at the top right of your screen is usually set as a default of ‘right sidebar’ – most of the time you would want to change this to ‘full width’ but again this can be edited whenever.

Click in the big box and start typing. Type in some content. Format it as you would a Word document, using bold, italic, paragraph settings etc. Put some written content together until you are happy with what you have and then…

Click the blue ‘Publish’ button on the right hand side. Your new page is now live on your website. You probably won’t see it on the menu system of your live site yet or be able to access it. But if you look at the top of the editing page you are in, underneath where you typed in the title for this page will be a permalink: with a long web address next to it. Click on this and you will see your new page. 

You can back and edit it, change the right sidebar option to full screen and vice versa to see what changes. Change the text and layout. You can flick between the editing screen and the live view of your page as much as you want. Try and get a feel for how what you change here is reflected on the front end of the site.

Pretty basic right? We’ve published our first page though. Now have a look through the menu on this page and decide what  you want to do next.