Adding an image

This is the longer way of adding an image in to your website but there’s a reason I’m showing you this way first. You’ll figure out the quicker way yourself, as you get more fluent with using the back end of the site, but for now I want you to learn the different sections and how they are laid out in the menu system – pages, posts, media and so on. It’s more beneficial in the long run to understand the structure from the start. You don’t need to understand what all this means for now, just that this isn’t the quickest way to add in an image.

First thing to do is to click on ‘media’ in the left hand menu.

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Here you can see all of the images already uploaded to your website. Now click ‘add new’.

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Next you’re going to click on ‘select files’ – you now need to browse to the location on your computer where the image you want to upload is. Then click on it and select it to upload it. I can’t show you here how it will look on your computer as every PC and Mac is different.

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Once your upload is complete you should see your new image uploaded to the website as below.

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Now you need to go to the page you want the image to be added or change on and go through the same process as you did for editing text on an existing page – but this time we’re going to be changing an image. Once you’ve gone to edit the page, then clicked on the bars on the image module you’ll see a window similar to the one below, but with the existing image in it. Click on ‘upload image’.

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And now select the image that you just uploaded from you computer, then click ‘set as image’ in the bottom right. Now save and exit as you did with the text module and then scroll back up and click update – again exactly the same as the text editing section. Your image will now of been changed to the new one uploaded from your computer.

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