Backing up your website

Backing up your website. It’s vital that you get into the routine of backing up your own website. We DON’T back up for you and it is 100% your responsibility to make sure you do. It’s easy to do, takes literally 1-2 minutes and we’ve already installed and setup the plugin to help you, on your site.

First thing to do is login, then on the left hand side hover over ‘All in One WP Migration’ then click on ‘export’.

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Then you need to click ‘export to’ and select ‘file’.

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You’ll then see the screen below, as the plugin starts to back up all of your files and website folders.

seo agency newcastle

Click the big green button, as seen below, to download the zip file of your backed up website, to your computer. Job done, your website is now backed up until next week.

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