Editing An Existing Page

If you’re looking to edit a page which is already live on your website this is what you need to do.

Login to the dashboard of your website and then click on pages.

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Now hover over the page you want to change and then click on edit.

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You’ll see the ‘back end’ of the live page you have chosen to edit. At the top you’ll see a ‘snippet’ which is how Google will display your page in search results. This is easily edited from here too, but for now we’re going to scroll down to edit the actual content.

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Now you’ll see sections which will represent the layout on the live page. If you open up the live page in another tab in your browser and compare the two, you will be able to see how each section in the ‘back end’ of the website, relates to a section on the live page. All sections can be edited easily but for now we’re going to look at the text modules. So click on the 3 bars on one of the text modules that you want to edit.

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In the window that opens up you’ll see at the top options to change the colour and orientation of the text. If you want more control over the text you can click on the ‘advanced design settings’ at the very top of this window to gain full control over all aspects of the text. For now let’s scroll down a little to the main editing box.

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At the top of this box you’ll see a menu bar, much the same as the menu bar in many word processing software packages such as Word or Pages. Same principal here, you can make the text bold, underlined, change the size, formatting, colour etc. Feel free to change things around a little.

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Next you can click anywhere in the large text window and edit the text which is already here.

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Once you’re happy with your editing, click on ‘save & exit’ in the bottom right to save and close this window.

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Scroll back up a little on the main page you’re now on, and click on ‘update’ on the right hand side. This will update the live page and if you now look at your live website and the page you have just edited, you will see your changes have been done.

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