• Your Logo – in as high a resolution as possible in .PSD, .PNG, .JPG etc.
  • Your current hosting login details – the current username and password for your existing domain name AND hosting account, if you already have these setup.
  • Current website login details – the current username and password for any existing WordPress website admin login, or similar.
  • Any images that you want to use on the website – high resolution is key here, as well as having them in some sort of order and named correctly so we can easily browse and find what we need.
  • Any written content that you want to use on the website – content for products, the about page, homepage etc. We need all of this content, ideally in a non-formatted document, but we will accept it in virtually any format. If you’re unsure, just ask.
  • Any examples of websites (doesn’t have to be in your market), that you like the look of, or a feature on their site, or the way they navigate or ‘feel’ etc. This is to give us an idea of what you like so that we can make sure your new website is a good fit for you.

These items can be eMailed over in ONE eMail (please don’t send over 30 different eMails as it’s never productive for either of us), uploaded to Google Drive or DropBox. Alternately you can put everything on a USB flash drive and send, or drop off, to the office.


We’re happy to communicate in a number of different ways, but our experience shows that if we pick one and then stick to it throughout the process it works much better all round. We are also currently trialling a new project collaboration tool call Freedcamp, and may sign you up so you can use it with us for you project.

We’re actively using eMail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, Slack, and FreedCamp. Take your pick and let us know which platform you prefer to use throughout your project.

We may also use Google Drive or DropBox. Both are online storage/file sharing platforms which we can use to share images, videos and documents. In general, if you have more than around 20 images for your website, then we can use one of these services.



No matter if it’s a small brochure type website or a larger eCommerce site, designing a website is a time consuming process which can be daunting to the client. We’ve broken down our process into a few simple steps and explained what happens at each stage:


Before we work on your site we need to do some research. We’ll look at your existing website, as we need to understand if there are any backlinks, any part of the structure we want to keep, and fully understand what it is currently achieving. We’ll also look at you and your local competitors, a few London based similar businesses and 1 or 2 US based companies in your market. From this we’ll be able to see what’s being achieved, what’s working and most importantly ‘how’.


The design, layout and structure of the website is key and can take some time to get right. We’ll use the information we got from our research along with what we understand you want from you brief and put together the design, structure and layout for the homepage and some of the sub pages of your website. Once ready we’ll send send you over a link so that you can have a look at the first draft of your new website and we’ll then talk over what we need to do for the next stage


Now that we’ve got a clear direction from the stages we’ve already completed and you’re happy with how we are going to proceed, we’ll be able to move on to the build. We’ll be building all of the pages, creating functionality and links, adding in your content and linking in your social channels. Taking the structure that was designed earlier, we’ll be creating the full website and making sure it looks right and works correctly across all devices and browsers.


Once the website is ready for your final review, we will need you to go through the site and review each page, telling us of any changes or tweaks that you want to make prior to your website going live! Think of this stage as checking grammar and spelling, tweaking any images and generally polishing the site so that it’s ready for the world wide winternet! Also don’t forget that we offer a 30 day warranty on our sites, so that any changes in that period are hassle and cost free.


Now that your website is ready to ‘go live’, we’ll clean up all of the backend of the website – remove any unused plugins, tidy up the code and generally give it the once over to make sure it’s as lean as it can be. On your say-so, we’ll then put the new website live! You may need to wait up to 48 hours for the new website to show up, some browsers will need to be refreshed and you may see fluctuations in any Google reports. On the whole though websites can be seen pretty much instantly, across the board from virtually every browser.

We’ll also be sending your over your login details and our welcome eMail, which shows you how to login to your website. Included will be links to our help pages, which give you step by step guides on how to complete the most common tasks that new website owners may want to do, such as write a blog post, edit some text or add in a new page or product. We are always here to help throughout and you can contact us by phone, eMail or any of the messenger services we’ve been using up to this point.

We realise that this stage can be a steep learning curve for some people and so we do offer different levels of support if it is needed. We’re always happy to talk and help out whenever we can, so never be afraid of asking the simplest of questions.


A common thing we see from some other web companies it that on hand over of the website, new customers are left not really knowing what they should be doing next to maximise this new tool that they have invested in. We like to thing we approach the after-sales of our websites a little differently.

We’ve created a ‘moving forward’ page on our site which will walk you through what you should be doing to market your new website, hints and tips on how to write perfect blog posts, and what you can be doing on social media to drive interaction with your brand, service or product.

As always, we are easy to contact and our office door is always open should you want to come in for a chat regarding anything ‘geeky’.

  •  The Brewhouse, Dissington Hall, Dalton, Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE18 0AD, United Kingdom



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