Adventure Motorhome Rental

The Challenge

Chris approached us as he wanted a new ecommerce website for his new venture, which people could buy and book motorhome's on. His new idea and business is called Adventure Motor Home.

The Objectives

  • Develop and design and brand new ecommerce site which allows users to book online
  • Ensure that the newly developed website is easy to use for anyone
  • Focus on the UX (user experience) in order to convert visitors into customers
  • Incorporate an online calendar and booking system for the user

The Solution

We designed and developed the new ecommerce website to act as a tool for converting visitors into customers by making it as quick, simple and secure as possible for a user to choose dates that they wanted to rent and book the motorhome online.

We also ensured that the bespoke booking system on the back end of the website was easy to use internally for any member of the growing company at Adventure Motorhome Rental.

Finally we integrated a language translator on the site to broaden the audience of the newly built site. We understood that a lot of people who travel like to rent a motorhome which meant only having the website in English would cause a language barrier and constrain the potential audience.

The Lowdown

  • Website
  • Ecommerce
  • Booking System

The Result

The client has a tool and a system which is simple and secure for customers to use and look at dates to book online.

Adventure Motorhome Rental find it easy to maintain and update the website themselves on an ongoing basis and love the back end of the booking system as well as the users front end.

Finally in the coming months the client is thinking about getting another website and would like to work us again when this time comes.

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