Celerity DRS

The Challenge

This UK based, International company originally contacted us to update one of their existing websites. Once that was complete they asked us to work with their German office to come up with a new online presence for their automatic tyre inflation system.

A major part of this new website was an advanced calculator which would give visitors the means to work out savings based on various inputs.

The Objectives

  • Create a website which showcased the products offered by Celerity DRS
  • Develop an advanced calculator based on formulas provided by the Celertiy team
  • Design a contact page which stayed simple but worked for the International arms of the company
  • Enable scaling of the website in the future to become multilingual
  • Ensure the website could be easily updated internally at Celerity
  • Create a PDF from the calcualtor results which is emailed to both the visitor and the Celerity sales team

The Solution

We met up and discussed in detail the requirements and then had conference calls with the German office to kick off this project. From there, we researched the competition and designed a website to showcase the Celerity DRS products and most importantly the visitor journey through the site to culminate in either the calculator being used or the visitor contacting Celerity.

We then built the calculator and PDF/email part of the system and tested it internally and then also with the Celerity team. After refining this until both UX onsite and the flow of the PDF and email was 100% we integrated it into the almost finished site.

Finally we moved the site to a test server where the team in the UK and Germany tested the functionality fully and we made final adjustments.

The Lowdown

  • Website
  • Custom Calculator
  • Custom PDF Email Solution

The Result

We now continue to work with the Celerity Group and are currently working on our 3rd project with them, creating a new site for their customer and racing brake-pads.

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"nothing is ever too much trouble and they always make time to fit work in for us - even if requested last minute! Not to mention the fantastic websites they have created for us."

Josie Hall - Marketing Manager - Bremsen Technik Holdings Ltd