Contents Design

The Challenge

Nigel the owner of Contents Design wanted a website to reflect the unique nature of his commercial interior design industry. He wanted the website to be engaging, dynamic and with well thought out animation so that the user could still enjoy their experience on the site without too much going on at once.

The Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that reflects what Contents Design is all about
  • Make sure that the website could be easily updated internally by Contents Design
  • Ensure that the website is built on a fully scalable platform if they want to work on it more in the future
  • Develop the website so that it is easy for Contents Design employees to add, edit or remove content from the site with ease

The Solution

We began the design side of the project by producing multiple wireframes for Nigel and the Contents Design team to look at which we believed hit their criteria of being minimalistic, dynamic and including nice subtle animations. Once Nigel and the team were happy we moved onto the development side of things.

We included a lot of imagery on the site of the work that the Contents Design team had previously worked on to portray what they were all about. We implemented scrolling animation features on the portfolio page so that the animations would only appear if the user scrolled to a certain point of the page.

The Lowdown

  • Website

The Result

Nigel and his team were cock-a-hoop with the final product because it was minimal, dynamic and included a very nice and subtle animations. We continue to keep in contact with Nigel and the whole Content Design team.

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