The Challenge

David Cliff, founder of Gedanken, has been an integral part of our ongoing success here at Team Marvel. It was an honour when he asked us to take a look over his site and give our opinion.

After working with him for over a year and having a few discussions around his website and the message he was trying to portray, during that time. David trusted us to come up with our own take on him and Gedanken as a brand and company.

The Objectives

  • Develop a website that resonated with the companies ethos
  • Showcase the services offered from Gedanken and differentiate him from the crowd
  • Convert visitors into warm leads using clear call to actions throoughout the site
  • Create a uniqe digital offering in much the same way that Gedanken's offering is unique
  • Ensure the website could be easily updated internally at Gednaken
  • Ongoing SEO to drive quality traffic to the website

The Solution

By researching the competition both in the UK and USA we developed an understanding of the market Gedanken are in and where it will be heading in the coming 2-5 years. Using this knowledge we could develop a tool which is not simply a website, but is setup to convert visitors into leads, give confidence in the brand and put across the uniqueness of what Gedanken offer in a cluttered marketplace.

We went through 3 iterations of the website until we settled on the version which would become the live site. By continuing to revisit and refine what we had initially created we believe we have created a truly one off digital asset which will serve the Gedanken team well for years to come.

Finally we implemented full onsite SEO and initial offsite SEO and should start to see results within 6 months.

The Lowdown

  • Website
  • Custom animations/effects
  • Custom contact form with audio

The Result

We now continue to work with Gedanken on an ongoing basis, implementing there SEO and keeping their website safe and up to date.

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