Glyde Golf

The Challenge

Ciaran the owner of Glyde Golf was already selling his golfing clothing and products online on platforms such as Ebay and Amazon but he was ready to take his business to the next level. He sought us out to design a brand for Glyde Golf and to develop an ecommerce website as well in order to keep up with the supply and demand of online shopping.

The Objectives

  • Design a logo and overall brand for Glyde Golf which represented them
  • Design and develop an ecommerce website for the client
  • Ensure that the ecommerce website is easily editable for Glyde Golf
  • UX is considered and implemented on the site for the customer journey
  • Streamline the sales process for Glyde Golf

The Solution

We met up on numerous occasions to discuss the requirements of the project including design and development with the client. To begin with designed the logo in order to get a feel of what the overall brand would be. Once the client was happy with this we moved onto the design side of things for the website.

To begin this process we mocked up a wireframe of the site with the structure of it and how it would flow, we showed the client this wireframe and they were impressed with it meaning that we could move onto the development side now.

We built the website around the design of the new logo, brand and wireframe. This meant that the website was very visually engaging as it had to showcase the products that Glyde Golf offer. We also ensured that UX was heavily considered and implemented meaning that the user would have a fluent customer journey. Once the client was happy with the design and build of the website we moved onto the functionality of the site.

The main functionality was making it an ecommerce site allowing the customer to buy products on the site with ease. Another functionality on the site was to allow the user to select variations of a particular product.

Finally to streamline the sales process we integrated channel grabber into the website. This would allow Glyde Golf to access all of their selling channels in one area which would show their sales, available stock etc. making the overall process easier.

The Lowdown

  • Brand
  • Website
  • Ecommerce
  • Sales Process

The Result

The Glyde Golf website is now an integral tool in their sales process and has increased their overall online presence. It's easy for them to update their website and products on the site and can access all of their selling channels in one area. The client was extremely impressed with the final result.

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