Mattinson Bedrooms

The Challenge

Kevin and Sharon, owners of family run business Mattinson Bedrooms approached us to design and develop a website for them. They wanted their site to showcase what they had to offer and develop it into a tool that converted visitors and warm leads into customers.

The Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that acted as a tool for converting customers
  • Encompass the Mattinson Bedrooms ethos throughout the site
  • Showcase the quality products and services that Mattinson Bedrooms has to offer
  • Improve their overall online presence with ongoing organic SEO and increasing traffic

The Solution

We designed and developed a website that showcased all of the unique and great products that Mattinson Bedrooms has to offer, turning it into a tool to convert visitors into customers. The main purpose of this build was to make this version of the site modern and sleek in comparison to their old site.

Since Mattinson had already told us that they would like to increase the traffic to their site and get more business through this online platform, we began the process by implementing initial onsite SEO and setting up citations on numerous local business directories. This increased Mattinson Bedrooms online presence significantly as it meant that there were a lot more online locations to get in contact with them and also directed extra traffic to their site.

Finally we ironed out the final tweaks on the site and it was ready to go live. Once we put the site live it almost instantly began to get traffic due to their business already being well established.

The Lowdown

  • Website
  • SEO

The Result

We continue to work with Mattinson for their SEO on an ongoing basis and ensure to keep in contact with them for updates each month. The website is already performing and converting a lot more visitor than the prior site.

All in all Mattinson Bedrooms is very happy with the final product and how everything has turned out.

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