North Motor Sport

The Challenge

North Motorsport approached us because they wanted us to create a brand new logo for them. They wanted the design to be relevant to what they were offering and do.

Once we developed the brand for them they wanted us to design and print business cards for them too.

The Objectives

  • Design a logo that is eye-catching and is visually appealing to their audience
  • Ensure that the logo is relevant to North Motorsport

The Solution

To begin with we analysed the competition in their very specific niche and created some concepts. Then we asked for an in detail insight off North Motorsport and what they're all about. We took inspiration from a specific car tyre track and incorporated it into the logo so that it was relevant to the company and a bit quirky too.

The Lowdown

  • Brand
  • Print Design

The Result

North Motorsport are extremely pleased with the final result and were very impressed in the way that we incorporated their particular tyre track in the logo.

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North Motorsport business cards