Cloud 9 was a blast

We met Susan and Rachel and immediately hit it off. They were opening a well being center and coffee shop and needed everything from the logo, to website, to full shop front designing and vehicle wrapping. All from the ground up.

The concept for the business was to have two distinct parts. One side being a healthy coffee shop and the other being a holistic and well being center. We designed and built the site around this idea and gave it two main parts. A part showing off the well being elements and then a more traditional online menu system.

With over 65% of website views now being on mobile devices, it was as important as ever to make sure Cloud 9 could be found from every possible customer. We added an interactive map and links through to social media to make sure anyone could connect with Cloud 9, no matter the time or location.
Understanding Susan and Rachels vision for the shop, we decided to add in a little idea we had. We added ‘The Wall’ facility to the website. Allowing anyone to buy a tea or coffee online, for a stranger in the shop. This allowed the concept of paying it forward and helping those less fortunate in the local community. It also worked to save the embarrassment if you wanted a coffee, but forgot your purse. Cloud 9 loved this idea and it’s a growing part of the site today.

Cloud 9 have now redesigned their website somewhat to suit the business moving forward.

  •  The Brewhouse, Dissington Hall, Dalton, Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE18 0AD, United Kingdom



“Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund”

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