Fresh & new Will Writing company needed a brand and site

The Will Guys approached us looking for someone to work with them on a brand and website. They wanted to change the image that most will writers have and make sure their image was fresh and different.

We developed a simple, modern looking brand for The Will Guys and kept it black and white. Putting across how their will writing is in ‘plain-English’ and their business model is all about giving the correct, easy to understand advice.

 We developed an online system on one of their web pages, to allow clients to enter the full will online and then get it processed by a professional at The Will Guys. Saving time for the client and meaning they could get the legal thing sin place, quicker!
  •  The Brewhouse, Dissington Hall, Dalton, Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE18 0AD, United Kingdom



“Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund”

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