Providing the highest returning SEO Services Newcastle, Northumberland and the whole of the No rth East can offer!

Search engine optimisation – basically can you be found online when people search for the product or service that you offer?

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SEO Services Newcastle

We’ve been providing the highest returning SEO Services Newcastle and the surrounding areas can offer! Good Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. It’s the difference between being found online when people search for you, or them finding your competitor first and going to them. Basically, the geeky stuff that is done to your website, that improves your search engine ranking and ultimately gets you onto the 1st page of Google. We’ve used search engine optimisation techniques to help numerous websites rank for keywords in their market and get real results for the businesses we worked with.

Google now accounts for more than 90% of worldwide search traffic, according to this source. When anyone searches on Google it displays links to web pages because Google thinks they are relevant to the searcher. Figures show that 65% of traffic, comes from the top 3 organic searches on Google and almost 2/3’s of that goes to the number 1 spot. Search engine optimisation really can take your business to a different level!

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Local Level SEO

As we’re an agency based in Newcastle in the North East, we have built up our search engine knowledge on a local level. This means that our search engine optimisation can be key for startups and smaller local businesses in getting their products or services in front of people who are actively searching for them. We’ve helped a number of companies and individuals in the North East to get traffic on to their websites and convert them into paying customers. Tripling a restaurants online booking rate in the first 3 months, taking a local service provider from 1-2 phone calls per month, to 2-3 phone calls every day, taking a large North East based construction company, from getting virtually no traffic, to being on page 1 for national searches for their services. These are all real results, which we have achieved as a North East based SEO agency.

It’s not just SEO Newcastle or SEO North East that we can help you with. As one of the leading SEO consultants in the North East we can take our local based knowledge and apply it to any region in the country! Having recently worked as consultants for a business in London, we have seen exactly the same results down there. The same can be said for a Manchester based business which we have been working closely with.

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Already got your web design nailed? We’ve got a totally FREE SEO guide that will help you get your website ranking and bring real results!

So how do I get to the top of the search in Google

We build in good SEO from the very start when we build a website because it’s so important. Search engine optimisation coupled with great content encourages people to look at and link to your website. This shows the search engines that your website is interesting to other people. They want to show interesting websites to their users, that’s what they do. So by understanding this and how to implement it properly, we can make sure that Google and the other search engines, want to rank your website highly and get seen on the holy grail of searches, which is the first page of their results.

It’s a little more detailed than above, but in a nutshell, if you have a great website, which is designed right and easy to navigate. Packed with good content, which your visitors find useful and written in plain English. Your business name and website, put into the right places on the internet and then you get good quality links from other websites, pointing back to your domain – you’re pretty much good to go. That’s full optimisation! For a fully detailed view of SEO and how you can implement it yourself, grab our FREE SEO guide –  ‘A Plain English Guide to SEO’. Just one of the services we offer at Marvel Design 🙂 SEO services Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland and the whole of the North East.

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Don’t be dead!

Someone once said “If you’re not on the 1st page of Google, you may as well be dead” – we aren’t sure it’s quite so serious, but it’s not far wrong when talking about websites. That’s why at our agency, we take it so seriously from the very beginnings of your website.

Check out this SEO Explained in Pictures link to see what we mean, in comic book format!

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If you can think it, we can build it!

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