Social media management is key to your overall online digital marketing plan in todays online presence and one of the key services we offer. A good social media account has become a vital part of many companies online persona.

Giving you a way to speak with customers and potential customers, live and in real time and get social with them. It gives you a platform to instantly show people what is going on in your business.

What you are up to on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Tell customers about the type of work you are doing right now! What you can do for them today. It’s personal, it’s fast – and when done properly can literally give instant results to your business. Good social media management will take care of this and set it all up so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Reach out your customers in a targeted way

Social Media Marketing for Web Traffic

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only players in social media at the moment. There are numerous social channels, from the big ones like Instagram and SnapChat through to much smaller new platforms like, Peach and Anchor.

Not all platforms should be used by every company but there are more niche social media channels which might just be a perfect fit for your business and customers.

Depending on your business it may be that video’s on YouTube or Vimeo would work better. Or that a WhatsApp or Instagram campaign would be a better fit to get you customers. Work out where your customers are hanging out on social and then search them out and interact.

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We’ve built a number of successful Facebook social media campaigns and are currently managing a number of different corporate Facebook pages. We often see results within a matter of days and when recently taking over a local printers Facebook page we saw 6 orders come in over the weekend, from when we started on the Friday evening up to Sunday lunch time – this was from a total standing start!

We also have this Facebook page, which we started as a bit of an experiment to see how things on Facebook worked. Set up on a Sunday morning in May 2015, it quickly grew and has likes now of 11,000+, a highest reaching post of over 920,000 reach and a weekly share averaging of almost 1,000 – this has all been grown totally organically without EVER paying for Facebook ads or promotion in any way. It’s now at a point where it generates a small profit per week but this is for a page which is not selling anything and we never intended to even be ‘a thing’!?!?!

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There are several services available to help you get the word out there

Other Social Media

We’ve now personally gained a web design client from EVERY social media channel that we have put any work into, Facebook Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube and our own Blog. We’ve also done the same or similar things for a variety of different businesses.

We’re planning on putting together a Social Media Management eBook, which will provide free of charge to anyone who’s interested, in the very near future. Contact us if you want a copy eMailing over.

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If you can think it, we can build it!