Donkey Happiness Scale

donkey happiness
donkey happiness scale

Donkey Happiness Scale

In todays Marvel Design News – Donkey Happiness Scale, or THEE Donkey Happiness Scale to give it its correct name. You may never of heard of it before, in fact I’m pretty sure you haven’t. As I’ve only just discovered the whole concept and this is the first time it’s ever been put ‘out there’ into the big wide world- you are the first to know 🙂

So, the scale of the Donkey Happiness runs, as you might expect, from zero through to 27. Zero being not happy in the slightest, right up to 27, where the donkey (or person) in question, would be so happy they would just about to be able to stay this side of conscious.

If you look at the image on the right, the donkey, it would be safe to say, is hovering at around a 22-23 on the Donkey Happiness Scale. If you look at his highly turned up mouth, his stood up ears and that glint in his eye – you could safely assume this rating. Let’s go with a 22 for the sake of argument.

To bring the level up by a couple of notches we could give him his favourite food (if he’s not already had it), tickle his chin (making sure to watch his sharp teeth) or talk to him in that funny childish voice which we talk to animals in. Any of these or a combination of them could increase the level to around a 25-26 I’d estimate.

In summary, the scale is not a real thing and has been completely made up for the purpose of filling in a post space on our new website. Although we have put on our main page, a Donkey, and a scale which is currently sitting at round 80% you’ll be please to know. If you do want anymore donkey related information please check the link below.

Check out what Wikipedia has to say about the humble Donkey here

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