Web design services and all sorts of services to be honest. We can help with marriage mediation and relationship guidance. Where to go for the best Indians in the North East. 10 great ways to bribe your unruly son or daughter. Beard growing. DJing. Scuba Diving. Hill walking. Holidays in Greece. Top 5 things to do in Vegas. Top 5 things NOT to do in Vegas. How to speak a little Chinese and what not to do when you visit Shenzhen. All of these we genuinely know about, but feel free to ask us anything and if we don’t know we’ll blag it so convincingly that you’ll never know!

Erm seriously though, we should probably crack on with the proper bit…… I present…… our various…… design based services…

Modern web design services are now key in many businesses success. With an average of over 60% of all website views now being on a mobile device, it is more important then ever before that your website is fully responsive. We see so many businesses with an out of date website, which doesn’t display well on mobile devices. Let us help you stop 60% of your potential customers going to your competition.

Did you know that getting your business to the top spot in Google organic search will get you around 1 out of every 3 clicks from the traffic for that particular search term? Furthermore, the top 3 positions get around 2 out of 3 all clicks! Meaning that if you’re outside the top 3, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. All our SEO services uses the correct, ‘Google friendly’ techniques. Plus, you can analyse the results yourself, really easily.

Everyone should be aware now of the power of social media. We’ve put together a number of successful social media marketing campaigns and understand how to leverage customers from all the major platforms. We can setup a full digital marketing plan for your social media and also create eye catching pages, videos and posts for you channels. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn.

We provide a diverse range of custom video and graphics services. Including promotional videos, animated social media clips and company compilation YouTube style show pieces. Are you looking to take advantage of the growing trend in online video promotion? We’ve got the knowledge and expertise to cover all sizes of projects, no matter what platform you’re promoting on, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to sell products or services online, then you’ve come to the right place. With online purchases growing year on year throughout the world and virtually everyone having access to the internet in the palm of their hands. You could be reaching potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, with a secure payment gateways, solid, safe shopping cart and automated order services.

With over 10 years experience and thousands of hours clocked up using WordPress, we fully understand the platform and how to get the best out of it. We can build a site to look and function pretty much however is needed and have designed and implemented sites across numerous different business services. Ultimately giving the client full control and the ability to edit their own site, easily.

All of our websites are built using the newest HTML5 technology. What this means is that you’ll get a full responsive website that has great functionality and a user experience that is second to none. Your customers will get a website that delivers on virtually any device across a multitude of platforms and adapts accordingly, while maintaining your company look and feel, to the end user.

CMS or a Content Management System, allows you the website owner, to be able to update and edit your website as easily as editing a Word document. You can add new products to your online store, update your blog with the latest news or add and edit pages on your website, from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Full control of your own website services, 24 hours a day.

We’ve been partnered with the same UK based, web hosting company now for almost 14 years. With the latest in secure hosting technologies, industry leading connection times and unlimited web space, traffic, eMails and SQL databases, we really believe we offer the most cost effective hosting services available. We also register all top level domain names and can setup and configure business eMail accounts.

Is your website looking a little dated, needs a few tweaks or changes or you want to keep all of the content but make it look fresh and new? We’ve worked with many small businesses to bring their websites bang up to date, make them mobile friendly and integrate social media. Make sure your website doesn’t get left behind in todays digital world, contact us for a no holds barred appraisal of your website.

Your brand is key in communicating who you are and what you’re about when someone comes into contact with your business. We focus on developing and designing unique, eye catching and memorable brands which work across all media from websites and business cards to shop fronts and vehicle livery. Make sure your first impression is one that makes an impact and is consistent across the board.

We believe that customer services, help and support should be an integral part of any business. We’ve put together a full section on our website of help files, which walk you through, step by step, the various different things you might want to do with your website once it’s up and running. We’re also always at the end of the phone, eMail and on social media, should you need our services.

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