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We are a Northumberland based digital agency specialising in web design, search engine optimisation & social media for startups, small and medium-sized businesses. We really believe we deliver amongst the best SEO & Web Design Northumberland, Newcastle & the North East has to offer.

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There are a lot of other digital agencies out there who can build you a pretty looking website. At the same time, there are NO other agencies who can offer exactly what we can!

Team Marvel has a unique set of skills which means that we provide a unique service to every client we work with. We believe that if someone is ‘in business’, then they should be running that business with a serious passion. We love what we do and each and every member of Team Marvel holds that same ethos. This means that every project we work on gets the level of passion and attention to detail that it deserves.

We’ve got experience and a proven track record

You’re serious and passionate about your business – so why would you trust it to any old web designer who may lack the same? Our experience comes from building a number of successful businesses ourselves and also having hands-on experience in helping others. From brand design and initial startups through to helping well-established companies take the next step and scale up their offerings. We aren’t just key-tapping geeks! We’ve got real-world experience and knowledge that has it’s roots firmly planted in successful business. Which is why we offer the finest web design Northumberland has!

When we work on a project, our clients get

  • a detailed breakdown of what we will be doing, in plain English (no geek speak here)
  • thorough research into the competition to see what’s working and what isn’t
  • a complete analysis of both search engines and social to find the best route for the project
  • conversion based web design using our tried and tested methods
  • custom designed websites, so you won’t end up with an off-the-shelf, template driven site
  • fully responsive build and design, so your business works on all devices from computer to phone
  • SEO that actually works. No snake oil salesmen here, we’ve got proven results that we can show you
  • the knowledge to update and administer your website yourself – if you can update Facebook you’ll have no trouble with your website
  • access to our online help web pages which walk you through, step-by-step, how to manage your new website
  • ongoing help via phone, email or in person should you need it

In a nutshell, we firmly believe that we offer the very best website design Newcastle and the North East has on offer!

Take a look of some of the companies we’ve been working with

A website can often be your first interaction with potential customers. By providing the finest web design Northumberland has to offer, we can make sure you put yourself across in the right way.

Responsive – eCommerce – Web Development


Search Engine Optimisation, is a key part of digital marketing. We’ve got a proven track record in getting local businesses, real results. From restaurants and hypnotherapists to joiners and will writers.

SEO – Local Search – Google Analytics

Social Media is an integral part of your online. We can link in various social platforms, making sure relevant content is put out across them. We’ve got new customers from EVERY social channel!

Social Media – Content – Digital Marketing

Web design Northumberland – using eyeballs to see our websites, wherever!

basically, people can look at our web design on all sorts of devices, no matter where they are – (the fancy word is ‘responsive’). Check out the latest websites we’ve been working on by clicking here. We believe we are the North East leader for SEO and Web Design Northumberland, Gateshead and Newcastle.


























Already got your web design nailed? We’ve got a totally FREE SEO guide that will help you get your website ranking and bring real results!

A little bit about what our web design company can do for you

A website can often be your first interaction with potential customers. By providing the finest web design Northumberland has to offer, we can make sure you put yourself across in the right way.

Responsive – eCommerce – Web Development


We work very closely with all of our clients. Not ‘taking out an injunction level close, but close enough so we both ‘get’ the overall idea of what’s happening and we understand each others businesses. It’s not just a pretty website we need to build but a tool for your business. If you can think it, then we can design it, and you’ll love the end product. In fact you’ll be so happy, that on top of paying the invoice promptly, you’ll throw us a £20 and tell us to get a round of drinks in on you! Web design Northumberland never tasted so good!


We have a dedicated SEO guy, he’s a little pale, doesn’t talk very much and smells of potpourri. On top of these great qualities he is a complete SEO wizard and total master of his craft. He’s not very approachable so we don’t ask to much about what he does, but it works, and that’s what matters. If you’re not on the 1st page of Google, you may as well be dead not be online! You don’t just need web design, you need SEO – in a nutshell it’s this guys job to sort it. 60% of website traffic comes from the top 3 results on Google.

Social Media

We can run your Social Media for you – post updates of your sloppy Sunday dinner. Share the fact that lil Timmy has successfully completed his 27th day in school, without peeing his pants – and that’s High School. Update everyone that you’re needy and depressed and prompt them to ‘inbox you’ to find all the juicy gossip! We’ve developed a number of social campaigns and understand what it takes to really grab your customers. We’ll show you how to use Social Media properly!

Print & Branding

Print & Branding. Could be a snobby south London bar full of patronising bar staff who look down on you if you order a drink which costs less than £12. It’s not though. What we actually mean is that if your company doesn’t look the part and stick in peoples minds, then it’s not doing what it’s supposed to! We’ve branded a number of key business’ and had nothing but positive comments from them. Everything from business cards to shop signage and vehicle graphics, we cover it all!

Oi – What you saying about Team Marvel?

(in their own words, no bribery or corruption has taken place to get these people to speak up…your Honour)

A true professional, I would highly recommend to any company who wants to raise their profile, fantastic responsive website design with combined social media support.
Could not thank these guys enough !!! absolutely love my website I would recommend using these guys 100 percent they are definitely the best one out there x
Absolutely amazing service! Dave is incredibly creative, punctual and professional. The communication from him is fantastic responding fast with practical advice every time. I am thrilled with the job Team Marvel have done with my web design Northumberland…
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So reader beware! Could contain possible insights into an unstable mind or minds.

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If you want a little seriousness – check us out, being all grown up and stuff.

Team Marvel – Web design Northumberland

Our small but vastly experienced and highly passionate and responsive team have a real eye for website design and a flair for business development. We love getting involved with business’ and really will design a responsive website, social media campaign and even full brand to push your company to the next level. Based in Northumberland, in the North East but designing for clients all over the UK and beyond. Contact us today for an informal and no obligation chat about how we can help your business grow with our web design and web development. We truly think we’ve got the best SEO and web design Northumberland and the whole of the North East has to offer!


It’s not all about web design and websites, social media is a huge part of your online portfolio now. We’ve successfully developed a number of Facebook campaigns and understand what it takes to really grab your customers and potential customers and keep them coming back for me. We’ll show you how to use Facebook to your advantage and how quickly and easily you can get up and going with it once we’ve set everything up and tied it all in with your website design. We’ve had clients in the past who have seen multiple orders coming in from Facebook in the first few days of us managing their Social Media and frequently get much more traffic to websites through it.


Twitter is as strong as ever and we use our very own Twitter account to get around 1-2 new clients every week! We’ve built up a number of clients Twitter accounts too and some have thousands of followers. Interacting with Twitter users and other websites and blogs – bascially giving potential customers and potential clients another way of reaching out to you.


Want you’re own corner of the web to post your latest and greatest news. Look no further. We can set you up with a fully functioning blog which is as easy to update as Facebook but built into your website design from the ground up. We can then link it in with your Social Media to give a seamless experience to your customers while always pulling them direct to your website. This has many benefits for SEO, customer experience and the overall usefulness of your website. Your blog, your website our web design Northumberland, Gateshead and the whole of the North East.


Wether it’s the full branding of your new company, a re-brand of your existing look or a simple tweak to what you’ve got already, we can really bring the look and feel of your company bang up to date! From cafe’s to printing companies, from will writers to online retailers – we’ve done them all. Contact us to see what we can do for your brand and web design.

In a nutshell we aim to deliver the best responsive web design Northumberland and the North East has to offer, along with a good dose of SEO and social media marketing, meaning your business has an online profile to be proud of  – and that is quite enough for the first page, over and out from Team Marvel…phew!

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