Let's make your site safe and secure

We’re not going to go into detail about the threats and reasons why you have to backup and secure your website on a regular basis, you’re already aware of the dangers which is why you’re here! So let’s get straight into what we would recommend that you do to keep your site safe and secure. We’d suggest that you do the following tasks on a weekly basis. They will only take around 10-15 minutes a week to complete, depending on your level of computer skill and the complexity of your website:
  • Updates – Your website is running on a platform called WordPress, this is the overall software which is the backbone of your website. Into this we add a custom theme (which makes your website look the way it does), custom page builders, plugins, add-ons and widgets, as well as some customised code elements. All these different pieces of your website need to be kept up to date with the latest security patches.  When you login to the backend or dashboard area of your website, you will see down the left hand side, the updates section and plugins section, amongst the range of other sections on your site. These two sections are the ones that you need to check for updates and then act on as and when they become available. By logging in and navigating to these two areas you will be able to see if there are any updates and by agreeing and clicking to update on each relevant section you will make sure that you always have the latest, most secure software on your site.
  • Backups – Every website we setup has a backup tool built into it. It takes 1-5 minutes to complete, depending on your website. You can see full details on how to backup your site by clicking here.
  • Security – All our websites also have a security plugin installed. By logging into your dashboard and navigating to the ‘Security’ option down the left hand side, you can access all of its features. We will of set it up in a basic way to offer security to your website but you can configure it further to notify you of any security breaches, to increase or decrease security based on your exact preferences and to change settings further as may be needed for your individual website. No two websites are the same and so we don’t set this up in a custom way, but more for a decent level of overall protection. Full details of the security plugin that is installed are available here.
We do offer a monthly security plan which makes sure that you are protected and up to date without having to worry about anything. This is what we’ll do as part of our plan:
  • Updates – keep everything up to date, on a weekly basis as outlined above.
  • Backups – backup your full website weekly and keep these backups secure in case the worst should happen.
  • Security – setup the security of your website so that we get alerted if there are any breaches of security or anyone tries to login to your site and it seems suspicious. This is monitored every 24 hours and if there is an attempted hack or breach of the login area, we are usually notified within minutes.
The time taken to complete the above tasks on a typical website is around 60 minutes per month in total. On top of this we securely store your latest backups and monitor the site daily.
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