Hand Made with Love

The Challenge

Handmade with Love approached us because she was keen to give her new business a dynamic brand and online presence to sell and showcase the beautiful products that Handmade with Love have to offer. Handmade with Love put their trust in us to deliver a tool that lead customers down a path to purchase her quality products.

The Objectives

  • Develop a Brand and logo that reflected what Handmade with Love were about
  • Build a dynamic website that displays their products in a clean and beautiful way
  • Create an ecommerce website that is simple for the customer to purchase products on
  • Ensure the website is user friendly for both the client to update and the user to buy

The Solution

We developed a Brand and website that added credibility to the brand and offered an ecommerce solution that allowed users to purchase Handmade with Love's beautiful products on an online platform.

Handmade with Love already had a great following on Facebook so that meant that we could leverage the audience on the platform and push them to the new site which which showcased their whole range of products and lead the user down a path to convert.

This was possible as user experience played a huge part in this build. We ensured that from start to finish the experience on the website was easy and seamless.

The Lowdown

  • Brand
  • Print Design
  • Website
  • Ecommerce

The Result

Handmade with Love are over the moon with Brand and website which works on all levels of marketing. The ecommerce website is getting orders on a regular basis.

We now continue to work with Handmade with Love for print design. We have designed business cards and roller banners for them.

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