Telling you about us

At Team Marvel, we come into work everyday to solve problems, get results and be creative. As a trail-blazing digital agency in the Newcastle North East we provide digital solutions to businesses looking to take their online offerings, to the next level.

We're unlike most other 'geeks' because our background is rooted in real business. With experience growing both online and real world businesses, to 7 figure turnovers, we know that the key in everything we do, is providing measurable results that make a difference.

While we are a young company, establishing ourselves in late 2015, collectively our team now has over 65 years of combined experience working in business and digital!
We approach every project as a true collaboration. By working in a business focused and yet completely transparent way, we believe that we deliver a process and solution which is a cut above the norm.

Our office is always open to you and you’re welcome to call in for a chat anytime you want.

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Our aim

We aim to be the UK's leading and most respected digital agency. To achieve this we've created a culture where the whole team supports each other, so that each and every team member can provide a world class solution to our customers. We give 100% to the now.

Our vibe

By choosing our attitude every day, we can be serious about business but have fun in the way we conduct business. We make other people’s days by creating memories, engaging and giving attention to our friends, colleagues and customers.

Our promise

We outline everything clearly so that we can work jointly on projects with our clients and both understand each others responsibility's. This allows us to offer unrivalled guarantees in our field. Simply put, if we don't deliver on what we say, we give you your money back.

Our team

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When our head geek hasn't got his face buried in a computer, he loves jumping on the decks in the studio, his tropical fish and trying to play the guitar.

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Anyone who's met Lisa knows she loves to talk. She also loves singing, musical theatre and has a new found passion for wholesome home cooking.

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If Ryan has a question he won't hesitate to look on Google for the answer. He also is a big fan of Nandos, Wetherspoons and anime.

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When Josh isn't dominating the top of Google with his SEO he loves watching his favourite TV series on Netflix. He's also a self proclaimed food vlogger.

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Our coding genius usually talks in 1's and 0's, but when he's away from his computer he can be found cycling the countryside or buried in a good book.

digital marketing professionals



This all round web developer and designer loves his family and the outdoors. Outside of the office he's into scuba diving and watersports.

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Mark loves music and singing and can be often found submersed in upbeat tunes, headphones on, while he taps away, creating on his keyboard.

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When Julie is not keeping the office in order, she's a crafting goddess. Creating scented candles, unique artwork and running her own business.